Painless Parties

Est. 2002

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Nick Painless:

Nick’s interest music started at an early age after he received a guitar from his parents one Christmas, it wasn’t long after when he took to the stage for the first time at the age of 14


It wasn’t until the age of 22 when Nick started work as a DJ in his local rock bar The Royal Squadron he realised he wanted a career in entertainment. It was during this period he learnt how to book bands and events, this period of his life led to the formation of the company known today as Painless Parties


Years later Nick became interested in traditional side show and the skills it takes to perform such death defying acts, it was around the same time when he took part in his first body suspension. After these events Nick built himself a bed of nails which he named Betsie and his sideshow troupe Organ Grinder was born.


Since starting Organ Grinder some years ago Nick

has performed at countless events, festivals and venues as a DJ and performer

Hel Painless:

Hel has spent all her life within one form of entertainment or sport and another, both back and front of stage


Having undertaken her first modeling commission just before her third birthday, she went on to become skilled in several sports, later specializing in martial arts and fencing.  Competing and performing at many competitions, displays and other such like events she has gained a wide knowledge of the arts


A master swordswoman and multiple black belt, who has been performing glass walking and similar acts for over twenty years. Hel has also worked as a martial arts instructor and helping with organizing and publicity for shows and special promotional events for several theatres and similar venues


As Nick’s brainchild sideshow developed it was a natural progression to utilise Hel’s background and experience to give another dimension to the show. Now working alongside her husband in his Organ Grinder project, the pair has gained much respect in their field and continue to delight their audience with new and exciting acts